Buildings are complex systems. Performance promised during planning and design can often be undermined by design changes or omissions, construction defects, equipment malfunctions, improper system controls programming, and undocumented maintenance programs. Building Commissioning (Cx) has emerged as an important quality-control strategy to detect and correct these deficiencies. It is critical to identify these issues before they become more costly to address during construction or after the warranty phase expires.

We are an experienced commissioning provider in Whole Building Cx& MEP systems Cx for both new & existing buildings in pursuit of CALGreen, LEED, CHPS, or EBOM certification, and provide quality assurance of system performance for all building types.

Our staff consists of a multi-disciplinary background of experienced Professional Engineers, Architects, Facility Managers, Owners Representatives, and Construction Managers, providing a unique blend of expertise from all corners of the AEC industry to ensure the owner and design professionals receive highly technical Commissioning support during the design phase, and receive practical and hands-on problem solving when it is most critical during the construction & operational phases of your project.

We are dedicated to our projects and our clients, and provide a holistic approach in the application of the commissioning process, to ensure your high performance buildings and systems will meet or exceed the owner’s criteria, function as expected, and ensure optimum operational & maintenance procedures are established before the project is turned over to the.


Through the expertise of Mr. Anderton, his site visits to our office and his attention to detail, we are pursuing LEED Silver Certification….
William HolmesMiami Jewish Health SystemsCMH, COS, CMM, SHS, MORS,