To meet our client’s expectations we review each project, team, and their goals against their current project plan, and work to identify the necessary Cx effort required to achieve those goals.

One of our key strategies are to work with the owner and design teams early on to “Right Size” the Cx Service efforts to be commensurate with the owner’s expectations and level of financial commitment. In today’s economy, this requires the utmost care and expertise in order to deliver just the right amount of effective effort. In response to this industry driven change we have responded to the needs of our clients by offering 4 Tiers of Cx Service. Each level of service provides specific focus and effort to ensure our clients receive exactly what they require for every project. We firmly believe by offering exactly what our clients need that our clients are better served, and ensure that even our Standard Cx service plans yield real professional value.

Cx Lite
Basic Cx
Owners Representative Cx
Mission Critical Cx

Like an Iceberg, the largest proportions of energy costs may be hidden under what is unseen or unknown. We believe verification of MEP systems operation is only the part of the solution which is visibly seen and measured. What goes unseen to most eyes is the building owners O&M staff or their service contractor’s abilities & knowledge to properly maintain the installed systems. Without verification of proper training and a well-documented Systems Manual & Maintenance Plan, the best systems on the market will not meet up to the expectations and cash investments made by the building owners!

We believe a well-informed facilities staff and the availability of useful current systems information is paramount to ensuring the building Owner’s goals to save money, and extend the life of their systems. For this reason ICC is an active member in facility management organizations such as IFMA, and spends considerable effort in developing cutting edge systems manual documentation and maintenance procedures. ICC excels at closing out projects with considerably higher rates of continued energy performance and cost savings back to the Owner and tenants.



We are pleased at the thorough manner with which your firm was able help us draft the OPR (Owner Project Requirements) and the knowledge that your work and the commissioning of this facility are done in behalf of the owner as an objective component of the project.
William HolmesMiami Jewish Health SystemsCMH, COS, CMM, SHS, MORS,