Energy modeling is an important tool to help guide building design decisions and to establish the building’s overall energy performance baseline, before committing to new construction. An independent 3rd party Energy Model can help the design team to choose the best building envelopes, building orientation, most efficient MEP system type and size, and cost-efficient renewable energy systems. For Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) or Renovation projects, utilizing our dedicated Energy Modeling department, we can provide value by simulating energy costs and benchmarking the existing system conditions. This gives the owner additional data and resources in procuring the correct renovation measures and right sizing the scope of work for their existing building!

For LEED projects seeking EAc1 credits, Energy Modeling is the best option to get the maximum amount of points you can get under this credit. It contains the largest number of points any single LEED credit can offer, with up to 19 potential points.


We are pleased at the thorough manner with which your firm was able help us draft the OPR (Owner Project Requirements) and the knowledge that your work and the commissioning of this facility are done in behalf of the owner as an objective component of the project.
William HolmesMiami Jewish Health SystemsCMH, COS, CMM, SHS, MORS,