Meets Pre-requisites for LEED EAp1 & LEED CI or NC optional credits EAc2 / EAc3, which can add up to (5) additional points towards your LEED certification goals. Enhanced Cx starts the commissioning process early in the design phase. This increases the reaction time available for the design team and contractors to respond to issues. With our involvement early in the design phase of the project, many opportunities to be proactive are gained. We can work more closely with the design team members to identify “Design Intent” and coordinate the design with the Owner’s project goals to reduce construction phase changes which can be more costly. Additionally time is allotted to review the systems operation with the Owner’s facility managers to ensure proper operational procedures have been established to keep your energy efficient MEP system operating at their peak efficiencies. It also allows us to come back in 8-10 months to review the systems conditions prior to warranty expiration.


Through the expertise of Mr. Anderton, his site visits to our office and his attention to detail, we are pursuing LEED Silver Certification….
William HolmesMiami Jewish Health SystemsCMH, COS, CMM, SHS, MORS,