Also referred to as Retro-Commissioning, Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) helps Owners and Facility Managers of existing buildings to identify and recapture financial losses thru testing, troubleshooting, and evaluation of their MEP systems, to provide a plan for restoring and maintaining peak energy performance for the remainder of their life-cycle. EBCx will help the owner identify unseen issues and confirm the source and validity of existing performance problems, to ensure only facts are presented so a clear unbiased financial plan can be established prior to planning or commencing any renovation work. As a 3rd party building performance consultant we can also provide independent Energy Models to benchmark the potential performance of the existing building based on the current MEP systems, building envelope and glazing. EBCx is highly recommended for any existing buildings over 5 years old or prior to planning any major renovations which effect the base building systems.


…an overwhelming ability to detect problems and guide us in a direction that meets current GBC requirements, is financially feasible and sustainable for our development.
William HolmesDouglas Gardens IIICMH, COS, CMM, SHS, MORS