Less is more…. We are often asked what it is we do, and find it hard to keep it short, while doing justice to the amount of effort involved in delivering our services at the highest levels.



As an independent third party commissioning provider, we can offer an independent review of the building systems without any bias for one party over another. Additionally, we do not offer services outside of our specialty and focus, so the quality and value our deliverables exceed the status quo, and our service is more cost effective, which gives you the highest ROI. Commissioning and Quality Assurance of your facilities systems and Sustainable Projects are our only focus!

LEED Fundamental Commissioning

Meets Pre-requisites for LEED EAp1 and is the minimum Commissioning scope required to achieve LEED certification. Fundamental Cx scope starts the commissioning process just prior to the start of the construction phase…

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LEED Enhanced Commissioning

Meets Pre-requisites for LEED EAp1 & LEED CI or NC optional credits EAc2 / EAc3, which can add up to (5) additional points towards your LEED certification goals. Enhanced Cx starts the commissioning process early in the design phase. This increases the reaction time available for the design team and contractors…

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Retro-Commissioning (EBCx)

Also referred to as Retro-Commissioning, Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) helps Owners and Facility Managers of existing buildings to identify and recapture financial losses thru testing, troubleshooting, and evaluation of their MEP systems, to provide a plan for restoring and maintaining peak energy…

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Continuous & Re-Commissioning

Re-commissioning is a proactive maintenance and management process that effectively reduces system down time and operational resources. Also known as Continuous Commissioning, Re-commissioning is applied in buildings where commissioning has previously been provided. This process is conducted…

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LEED / Title-24 Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is an important tool to help guide building design decisions and to establish the building’s overall energy performance baseline, before committing to new construction. An independent 3rd party Energy Model can help the design team to choose the best building envelopes, building orientation, most efficient MEP system type and…

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Building Performance Consulting

Our Building Performance Consulting services provides an array of tools & expertise for Owners, Architects, MEP Engineering Firms, Property Managers, Facilities Managers, and building operators to make informed decisions before committing to specification of new systems or renovation of existing building & MEP systems. We offer full service As-built and…

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We are pleased at the thorough manner with which your firm was able help us draft the OPR (Owner Project Requirements) and the knowledge that your work and the commissioning of this facility are done in behalf of the owner as an objective component of the project.
William HolmesMiami Jewish Health SystemsCMH, COS, CMM, SHS, MORS,