Our Field Experience and A/E Design Background make us exceptionally suited to evaluate your project issues, provide successful resolution of your design and operation issues, as well as provide additional management capabilities to your planning and design team.

ICC’s Energy Modeling and Production of M&V Plans adds value to the Owners and Design Teams thru 3rd party development of the Energy Performance & Verification process, while reducing project design team efforts building and revising the LEED Model, and reducing Owner costs thru bundling Cx, Energy Modeling, and M&V services.

Our team’s former contracting experience allows us to effectively identify issues normally associated with design or construction change orders, which enables us to reduce cost impacts, delay of occupancy, excessive closeout items & punch lists, and unsatisfactory operating conditions due to non-compliant systems and/or controls setup.

Our extensive knowledge of Building System operations ensures reduced energy consumption during building operation, reduced overall carbon footprint, and improved sustainable economic and environmental contributions back to the project owners and local communities.

We ensure all operational and maintenance Training provides clear and concise steps to maintain and operate your MEP systems at peak efficiency, as well as obtaining manufactures recommendations outlining the frequency at which systems should be serviced throughout their lifecycle to maintain the warranty. This increases likelihood of extending the lifecycle of your systems and increasing your payback.

For Existing Building Renovation projects, Utilizing our dedicated Energy Modeling department, we can provide value that transcends traditional existing building commissioning, by simulating energy costs and benchmarking existing systems before and after EBCx is complete. This gives the owner additional assurance and protection on their Retro-Cx or Ongoing Cx investment!


…an overwhelming ability to detect problems and guide us in a direction that meets current GBC requirements, is financially feasible and sustainable for our development.
William HolmesDouglas Gardens IIICMH, COS, CMM, SHS, MORS